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Can someone give me an idea of their/a formula fed 7mo's feeding schedule?

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russellgrantschin Mon 29-Jun-15 22:29:39

Just that really. Including the kind of thing your BLW and puree weaned DC has for breakfast, lunch, dinner etc?

Kinsman Mon 29-Jun-15 22:37:40

My DD is 6.5 months and she has 170ml of Cow & Gate 5 times a day: 0700 w. Breakfast; 10.00; 13.00 w. Lunch; 16.00; 19.00 w. Dinner.

Today for breakfast she had baby porridge with cooked fruit purée; for lunch she had blended avocado and banana; for dinner she had puréed root vegetables (carrot, parsnip and celeriac) with cream cheese and a low sugar fromage frais for dessert.

The Annabel Karmel books are great for recipe ideas and schedules.

katiegg Mon 29-Jun-15 22:48:06

6.5 month old

7am: 8oz bottle of formula milk
8am: breakfast - porridge or similar, approx 2 heaped table spoons, sometimes some fruit purée mixed in
11am: 8oz bottle of formula milk
12.30pm: lunch - something like yogurt or puréed veg, couple of tablespoons or roughly 2 ice cubes worth.
2pm: 8oz bottle of formula milk
5pm: 8oz bottle of formula milk
6pm: dinner - veg purée, sometimes with small bits of chicken etc through. Again, about 2 tablespoons or 2 ice cubes worth.
7.30pm 8oz bottle if formula milk

Breakfast has been happening every day for about 4 weeks now. Lunch and dinner are quite new and don't happen every day and so far there has only been one day where he has eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm starting to make the purées lumpy, more mashed than puréed. He's not eating huge amounts but seems to be enjoying different tastes smile

basgetti Mon 29-Jun-15 22:57:29

6.5 month old.

7.30- 7oz bottle of formula
9.00-baby porridge
12.00 7oz bottle of formula
1.30-lunch, fruit or veg puree, baby rice or stage one jar
4.00-7oz bottle of formula
6.00-dinner, as above
8.00 7oz bottle of formula

ecuse Mon 29-Jun-15 22:57:31

7mo today. As far as possible I try to feed on demand and she often won't finish a bottle, or drink it in two halves an hour apart. So this is approximate but this is what she's offered and often drinks. We do blw so she doesn't get formal meals usually, just bits off our plates or sticks of easy grip food like apple/cucumber/cheese/chicken

5.30am - 210ml bottle
8am - breakfast - apple sticks and banana
9am - 210ml bottle
12.30 - lunch - bits of whatever I'm having
1.00 - 210ml bottle
5.00 - 210ml bottle
5 30 - dinner - bits of whatever her big sister is having
7.30 - bedtime bottle -240ml

russellgrantschin Tue 30-Jun-15 00:26:53

Thank you very much for these. Makes me feel better. DD is not taking much and I don't feel like she is wildly different from these schedules...

ecuse Tue 30-Jun-15 07:39:54

Also - my DD has been taking less milk than this the last couple of days in the heat. Think she's too hot so just drinks to stop being thirsty then loses interest.

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