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Exhausted mummy!

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hereharehere33 Sun 28-Jun-15 01:16:58

Whinge Alert! My DS is 12wks and has his second cold. He's so snuffly that he's getting upset in his Moses basket so I'm sat up in bed with him. He's gone to sleep at last. He's struggling to feed as he can't breathe through his nose. I'm not sleeping!!

Anyway, I thought bf-ing was meant to help prevent them from getting poorly? I feel like he's always sniffing. He doesn't sleep that well -awake every 2-3hrs. Friends that bottle feed seem to have babies the sleep well, they have more freedom and they DCs haven't been poorly!

I'm lying here, feeling knackered and tearful starting to wonder whether its all really worth it?!

AndMiffyWentToSleep Sun 28-Jun-15 05:22:05

Aw it is worth it but it is exhausting.
You don't know what bugs he'd've got if you hadn't breastfed - or how long they would have lasted, or how bad they'd have been.

Could anyone watch him today for a bit so you can take a nap?

cruikshank Sun 28-Jun-15 05:46:18

Ah, you poor thing, and your poor wee ds with his bunged up nose. Back in the day we were told it was ok to put a hanky with olbas oil in the room - not in the moses basket, but in the room. So that's supposed to help. Also, propping the 'head' end of the moses basket up with a couple of paperbacks (one of the ones I used was Gina Ford - the only bloody thing it's good for imho).

Please don't doubt yourself re formula feeding - you are giving your ds the best start in life, and formula really doesn't = sleeping baby, whatever your friends say. Around 10 weeks in, I cracked and gave ds a bottle, because I was just so desperate for sleep and thought it might work. No such luck and not only that but he also produced the most horrendous nappy. They sleep when they're programmed to - it's like everything else; like smiling, like rolling over, indeed (and I know this seems very distant to you now) like teeth and sitting up and walking etc - they're on their own little curve. How you feed them makes naff all difference.

It might be worth thinking about how you want the feeding to look in the long-term, difficult as that is when you're 'in the trenches', and base any decision to keep/stop breastfeeding according to that. And, whatever you decide you want for the long-term, keep reminding yourself of that, and of where you want to be say 3 or 6 months down the line, when you're finding things difficult.

It is hard. Everyone - whether bottle or breastfeeding - finds it hard. They have such tiny stomachs, and they really need you.

But it does get easier. You're at just about the hardest point right now - still recovering from birth, with a baby who is unwell and still very young. If you can get through this, however you do it, whether it's extra help and support, cake, box sets (but not gin) then you can get through anything.

monkey2014 Sun 28-Jun-15 07:27:56

Our boy had a cold at 2 weeks and it made feeding difficult, we got the snuffle babe aspirator which really helped and saline drops.

NickyEds Sun 28-Jun-15 10:01:17

Yes to propping the head end of the moses/cot up and we used saline spray when ds had a cold. I think it's really common in little babies as their nasal passages are just so narrow that they bock easily. Bf doesn't stop babies getting ill I'm afraid!

Only you can know if bf is worth it for you and your baby. Nothing wrong with ff, even just the occasional bottle if you're knackered and struggling.

hereharehere33 Sun 28-Jun-15 16:49:51

Thanks for your messages. Feeling more positive today, other than the fact I'm poorly today. I was definitely at a low ebb last night but its easy to feel a bit despondent when you're knackered, feeding in the dark, during the early hours! All those random thoughts going round my head-I was just thinking whether bf-ing really is that much better-how do they really know?

That said, I'm so keen to keep going. I really struggled with my first DS but this time it has been a bit easier and I enjoy the closeness with him. I was just on a downer last night so sorry for my whingey post!

DS still snuffly but I've used saline spray which has helped. He's grumpy with it though-poor thing. I feel rubbish so I can see why he's miserable! Not looking forward to tonight sad x

5YearsTime Sun 28-Jun-15 16:53:40

I'm going to sound like an arse but my LO is about the same age and EBF and sleeps much better than your baby. Formula feeding friends have babies that don't sleep as well.

It's just totally random which babies sleep and which don't. You sound like you are doing your absolute best.

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