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Low blood sugars in big BF newborn

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AnythingNotEverything Fri 26-Jun-15 23:56:24

I've just had my second large baby and am on the cusp of getting stuck in a system of trying to satisfy a seemingly arbitrary blood sugars target which even the midwives admit maybe unattainable for most healthy bf babies.

Any advice? How can I boost those blood sugars? Can I suggest a plan that will allow me home? I'm currently feeding on demand (at least 3 hourly) and starting to express colostrum tonight too.

Baby is almost a day old and fine in every way, inc wearing and pooing. About sicky perhaps but I put that down to mucous from birth.

I can't see any solution other than waiting for my milk to come in, but that could be days yet.

Tbh I'm happy to top up with formula and express to safeguard my supply (historically I've had a good supply for previous babies despite difficult starts).

No history of GD and have passed GTTs. I just grow big babies smile

Any thoughts/experiences to share?

UpUpAndAway123 Sat 27-Jun-15 07:37:47

Why are they doing blood sugars? Was baby symptomatic or just because he/she is big? Are sugars really low or borderline?
I suspect from what you say they are borderline and your baby just fits a big baby protocol....if it were down to gd your baby's sugars would probably be really low due to excess insulin.
If you want to exclusively bf then I wouldn't give formula as your babe will probably take a lot, stretch his tummy which can make bf harder. If your happy to mix feed then do it.
If it was me I would do constant skin to skin to ensure no calorie expenditure of baby and to encourage milk and frequent feeding. See what mw and breastfeeding support think and come up with a set plan.
Good luck and hope you get out soon!

WhenWillYouMakeMyTelephoneRing Sat 27-Jun-15 07:43:21

Mine was small not big, but they did cup feeding for a few days with formula, then BF proceeded and was successful if I say so myself. Have they offered cup feeding?

WhenWillYouMakeMyTelephoneRing Sat 27-Jun-15 07:44:12

Should have said - small not big, but did have low blood sugar.

Imeg Sat 27-Jun-15 08:19:49

I had this but also for a small baby so not sure how useful my experience is, but I sympathise as I found the constant blood tests really disruptive to trying to establish breastfeeding after a difficult birth. They kept wanting to do 'pre and post feed' blood sugars, when baby was generally just grazing rather than having any defined feeds: I had to ring the bell when I was about to feed and then wait for them to come and do the blood before I was allowed to feed him.
Also they were testing using a handheld glucometer: at the range that they were testing in, these have a deliberate inbuilt error to make them err on the side of low glucose, because they're designed to warn diabetics of hypoglycaemic attacks. Therefore they had to keep coming and taking more blood to run on the proper machine....
This suggests that breast compressions can be helpful to transfer more colostrum:

AnythingNotEverything Sat 27-Jun-15 09:05:06

Thanks all - interesting comments.

They're testing because it is protocol for big babies apparently. No symptoms. No problems at all, in fact!

Results have been 2.1-2.5, and need to be 2.6 twice. Under 2 and I think they'd talk about supplementation but today's plan is to try feed every 2 hours and find a Dr to discharge us. Wish me luck wink

Racheyg Sat 27-Jun-15 13:17:08

Hi Anything......
Similar situation with me my ds was 9lb 14oz but they took his weight down wrong as thought he was 10lb 12oz so tested his blood sugars (big baby protocol) and he was low.

I just kept bf and he needed 1oz top up with formula after 30 mins on breast they checked his blood before every deeded and once 3 levels higher than 3 I was allowed home and stopped the formula top ups. I was only kept in for 24 hrs and that's with csection.

I hope your little big baby, keeps his levels up. And congratulations x

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