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Odd feeding behaviour. Well, odd behaviour all round..

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PenguinTheGrey Thu 25-Jun-15 12:01:58

hi all,

I'm at a loss with DS, 19 weeks. He's mix-fed & I've always been paranoid as a result about my supply, but regularly give myself talking tos about this as he feeds regularly, puts on weight, correct number of nappies etc.

So this morning he fed when we got up as normal, had a nap... When he got up from his nap he didn't seem hungry so he played for a bit. He got fussy about 20 mins later, I tried him on one breast which seemed to upset him. Put him on the other, he fed for a few mins then came off & did a big vomit all down me. I put him on the other one, again he fed for a few minutes, then vomited. He's not usually a pukey baby. This in particular looks like it's mixed with saliva.

I tried putting him back to the breast but he just cried. Tried a bit later & same reaction.

He wouldn't settle anywhere though. Playmat, sofa, bouncy chair,on me - all lasted 5 mins max before wailing started. Eventually put him to bed, after lots of shushing & cuddles.

Any ideas on lack of interest in food (or, indeed, anything)? He's very dribbly - I'd attributed to developmental rather than teething as no other signs. Could this be affecting him?

Thanks & sorry it's long!

squizita Thu 25-Jun-15 17:06:17

Before the teeth come they move under the gums and are tremendously painful I understand.

Also my dd can be like this just before she gets a cold. The nose and throat starting to block and hurt.

Check his temperature and no rashes of course.

If you think it is a cold snuffle babe saline drops help them feed and their baby vicks is great too.
Hope he feels better soon.

girliefriend Thu 25-Jun-15 17:09:41

I think if he usually feeds well but today has been fussy and vomited more than usual I would assume he was unwell tbh. Have you checked for a temp or rash?

I would try calpol to see if that helps, also the hot weather may be making him feel out of sorts.

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