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Water! Constipation! help!!!!!!

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Lizzy86 Wed 24-Jun-15 23:04:20

Ok so my 10 week old boy constantly strains for a poo. He is formula fed on anti reflux milk and has been prescribed lactulose.

He does poo at least once a day, but the stool is like a play doh consistency and sometimes has blood in so he's obviously straining. Don't really think the lactulose helps him, he's been on It for over a week

Doc said to give him little bits of water but he spits it out confused and hates a syringe


curlykale Thu 25-Jun-15 01:09:08

How are you doing the syringe? Do you have your finger in his mouth, fingernail down, and then let him suck as you syringe the water in? I've given milk that way and it works ok - although not as old as 10 wks.

Or...I saw a special dummy in the shops today that was for giving medicine - maybe you could try was in the baby section in waitrose and maybe a chemist would also stock it?

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