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Breastfeeding and BLW - Help!

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Popplemama Mon 22-Jun-15 10:09:59

My lovely four-month old DD is EBF on demand and in many ways we are really lucky - she feeds well every 2-3 hours during the day and for the last month or so has slept from around 9-7 without asking for any feeds at night. Despite this I am starting to feel a bit worn out from the past four months of feeding and was starting to focus on the six month point as my new feeding target.

The HV has just done her four-month review and has strongly advocated that we need to do BLW and to not start until she is six months. She also said she would need at least a pint of non-cow's milk a day until 12 months. I'm really nervous about this - especially as I will have to return to work when she is exactly six months - and was wondering if anyone could advise how they managed this transition given that with BLW they are still so reliant on milk for all of their nutrition.

I would really struggle to express at work and she doesn't currently feed at night so should I just accept that she will have to move onto formula alongside BLW and, if so, should I introduce this before solids to get her used to it?

I am really pleased that we have succeeded so far with feeding after a really tricky start and desperately don't want to let DD down or disadvantage her but was quite looking forward to getting my body back! (Plus DH is desperate to start feeding her as he's had months of just dealing with the end product!)

Sorry for the long post - just feeling very stressed and like there is no end in sight!x

UpUpAndAway123 Mon 22-Jun-15 12:15:12

Whether you do blw or traditional weaning, the maim source of your baby's diet should be milk (breast or formula) until 12 months. HVs are there to help you make an informed choice-if you don't want to blw then don't-annabel karmel books are good for traditional weaning and finger food ideas. I started with purees but now do both I.e feed her porridge but she feeds herself lunch/dinner.
It's up to you if you want to switch to formula, or you could try mix feeding so she had formula whilst you're at work and breast when you're with her? The longer you bf the more benefit for you both.
good luck x

crazytyke Mon 22-Jun-15 12:39:17

If you're ready to cut down the breastfeeding then don't feel any guilt about. returning to work is tough, you don't need to add any further pressure onto yourself. It's true that the baby needs lots of milk until age 1, why don't you introduce some formula for during the day when she's at nursery / childminder and then carry on breastfeeding for the before bed/first thing in morning feeds? I would see that as the best of both worlds and means you don't need to faff with the pump at work

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