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suplementing question

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22Dee Sun 21-Jun-15 16:36:13

bab is 9 weeks old. ive always suplemented in some way since birth

for the last couple weeks ive been mixing breastmilk and formula 50/50 . usually 6oz bottle every 3 hours

i have pumped milk for this. ive been pumping both breasts at the same time every other feed. so thats 3oz per breast. off both breasts. every 6 hours which produces enough to mix the next two feeds with formula

but ive had a relative move in with me the other day and ive missed a couple of pumping sessions over the last couple days and the amount im now able to pump has dropped.

im panicking today ive not got enough milk for him. ive read to increase milk supply i should cluster feed so we r having a day of feeding on demand and no pumping. am i doing the right thing to increase my milk supply?

im having some pain in my breasts aches shooting down toward the niple is this normal?

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