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Another attempt - staying positive! expressed milk?

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3rdbump Fri 19-Jun-15 18:56:01

Hi Everyone, thank you in advance, its me again starting a new thread
Baby is 10 days old tomorrow and is breastfed. He does cluster feed of an evening and has started to go slightly longer between daytime feeds - he was every 30 mins and feeds would run into another feed. Today we have had a 21/2 hr break where he slept then woke for a feed and of a night time he is going up to 31/2 - 4 hrs between feeds.

So after a little hiccup yesterday and feeling out of sorts and wanting to pack in the BF i pulled myself together and feel more positive about things today.
The plan is to breastfeed but also express so OH can help with a feed during the daytime so i have a few hours to do whatever i need to do/take a nap etc and OH can spend some time with him. Eventually i want to be able to BF mornings and evenings/night and him have expressed milk during the daytimes - how long do you think it will take to work up to this?

I have used the pump for the first time just and managed to express 1oz on one breast whilst he fed from the other one - is this okay to do? i figured if i am feeding anyway i may as well use my free hand to express the other one.
Am i right in thinking that i can add to the milk in the fridge in the morning when i express? also how many oz do you think i will need to express that will be sufficient enough for a feed? i was thinking around 3oz?
Tomorrow i plan to give him the expressed milk around 12pm. Do i just not express at this time? i plan to give him the expressed milk at the same time everyday then maybe after a week introduce another expressed feed to work up to bf at night times and mornings only. Does my plan sound okay?
Totally new to BF so advice would be welcomed.

MrsAukerman Fri 19-Jun-15 19:27:09

The general concencus seems to be that what you are suggesting is an awful lot of work. It's kind of the worst of all worlds in terms of effort from you. Also baby will most likely prefer to feed directly so may only take bare minimum from bottle then keep you up all night feeding to compensate. You'd probably get more rest going the other way round, ie, dh gives bottles for night wakings and you can sleep though how keen he'll be when he needs to get up for work is debatable!

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