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Thrush/shallow latch/tongue tie??

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FelicityElectricity Fri 19-Jun-15 13:25:32

DC3 is 4 weeks old and EBF. He spent his first week in SCBU with antibiotics and as a result had a white coated tongue from early on. I had to express for a week and tube feed him as initially his suck was not very good. I became really sore and sensitive around my nipples and they turned pink and shiny. I self diagnosed thrush (having had this with DC1 and 2) and got some daktarin gel for him and cream for me which has been helping.
However BFing is still uncomfortable and although I have tried to get a good latch I feel like there is something not quite right. My nipple is always lipstick shaped or flattened after a feed even when I feel like I latched him on really well. Occasionally he clicks when feeding. Thankfully he is gaining weight well and having lots of wet and pooey nappies so the problem is really that I am still getting some pain and discomfort during and after feeding him.
When I latch him on he keeps trying to flex his neck and doesn't always open his mouth really wide so I have tried different positions and techniques like the 'flipple' which help a bit. I feel like there is friction on my areola during a feed.
I am wondering if this is a simple latching on problem or could it possibly be posterior tongue tie? Or is it just thrush? The GP has just given me a different cream to try (canesten) but I wonder if it is not just thrush that is causing a problem.
Any advice gratefully received! Would it be worth seeing a lactation consultant to check everything?

curlykale Fri 19-Jun-15 14:04:10

Yes definitely go to a lactation consultant - sounds like classic tongue tie symptoms. Also make sure you see a good osteopath who specialises in babies/tongue tie if possible. I've had two babies with both anterior and posterior TT and osteo treatment has been vital in conjunction with treating the TT (from your description of the neck flexing it seems like your baby could benefit from osteo treatment). At least the weight gain and nappy output seems good - that buys you time to treat the TT. And even if it's not TT, the lactation consultant can advise. Good luck!

FelicityElectricity Fri 19-Jun-15 14:18:12

Thank you! Just feels not quite right at the moment. Hopefully lactation consultant will know what's going on.

curlykale Fri 19-Jun-15 17:02:10

Yes-trust your instincts!

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