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Weaning too quickly?

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MioNome Wed 17-Jun-15 12:14:06

DS2 is 7.5mo ebf until about 6mo when we started solids. He's taken to them well and has three meals a day, I think he eats 'well' no real idea how much he actually eats but some days I swear he puts away more than my 2.10yo DS1....

He's always been a very distractible baby and day time feeds have become increasingly hard. For months now I'm pretty sure that he gets most of his milk intake at bedtime and nighttime - we co sleep and he basically snacks all night long... I know this because I often end the day with boobs like boulders and wake up in the morning with empty soft boobs grin

Anyway, in recent weeks he's started taking less and less milk during the day and yesterday he only had one feed! I know they're supposed to drop feeds but am worried he's dropping too quickly? The combination of being too busy/distracted to feed during the day (him, not me - I offer him boob all the time) and weaning makes me worried he's getting hardly any milk during the day.

This wouldn't be too problematic but I'd like to nightwean before I go back to work in a few months - but this seems to be the only time he drinks milk so I feel if I nightwean he wouldn't get any milk and he's still so young...!

Any tips? Advice? Reassurance? DS1 was a boob monster until about 10mo so this is all unchartered territory!

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