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Post breastfeeding boob questions

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ohthegoats Tue 16-Jun-15 10:12:01

I last fed my daughter 12 days ago, I'd gone down to one feed a day for a fortnight or so before that. Since then I've had a milk blister on my right boob, so had to hand express a bit to help that clear, and have been hand expressing tiny amounts from left boob too just to reduce any lumpiness.

When I get up in the night (I only notice it at night, might happen other times but I'm using breast pads at the moment just in case), to feed her with a bottle, my boobs leak quite a lot.

I know that sometimes milk can take literally years to dry up properly, but:

a) How long did it take for your boobs to stop feeling lumpy or slightly full?
b) How long did it take for your boobs to stop doing a bit of random leaking?

BakingBunty Thu 18-Jun-15 20:30:35

My boobs took a good three weeks to calm down, even though I tailed off really slowly like you. Once they calmed down, they calmed down really fast IYSWIM - I went from being really uncomfortable and leaky one day to fine the next.

feekerry Fri 19-Jun-15 21:21:35

First time round prob 2 ish weeks before my boobs stopped feeling hard and lumpy. Second time round a matter of days.
Whilst actively bf I have always leaked badly. I stopped bf this time round at 15m and I still occasionally leak a tiny bit!!! That was 3 months ago!!! It's not really noticable tho!

ohthegoats Sat 20-Jun-15 17:36:51

Well, I think last night might have been 'it' - or at least a proper sign of 'it'. Fed her in the night (bottle), and didn't leak.. woke up this morning, no lumps either.

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