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Switched back to Ready To Feed SMA for reflux-fingers crossed (there is a difference between that and powder)!!

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Halleberry Sun 14-Jun-15 09:14:35

Well after trying it all (and I really do mean it all) we are now back to the start. We noticed our babies complete change AFTER we stopped using ready made formula so we have went back to using it. It may be coincedense that her reflux started then as it usually takes a couple of weeks but that is when we noticed it. I spent hours researching yesterday and the ready to feed is different. It has the exact same nutritional values but it's thicker, got less starch and is easier to digest for little babies. Yes it is costly ... But worth it if it's going to work. She has been swirling the nutrigem the Doctor gave her and was being a little sicky. Taking an ounce here and there and I just didn't feel she was enjoying it. Granted it did seem to calm her but I'm not sure if that again was coincedance or an allergy. We had ran out of the prescribed milk anyway and I called the paediatric department at my local hospital and asked them what they felt I should do and they said no harm in trying her back on the ready to feed for a few days and if it doesn't work just go back to the prescription milk. She brought back up her first full feed but I think it's because Id been feeding her such watery milk the first feed was to much but here's hoping I see a difference in the next few days x

tiktok Sun 14-Jun-15 09:43:51

Ready to feed is different in several ways. For a start the water content has to be different - the water with powder is the water in your own house. No obvious reason why that should make a difference of course. But as you say, the components do differ anyway.

Hope your baby is happier.

Halleberry Sun 14-Jun-15 12:00:27

I hope it works out to. Only on 4 feeds so far and to be honest she sens a little calmer ... But that could be coincedense. Fingers crossed. But how anyone can say that the powder and ready made are exactly the same is beyond me x

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