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Going away for a few days- supply question.

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MarinaCoyle Sat 13-Jun-15 21:18:21

DH and I going away for 3 nights next week and leaving 13 month old DD for the first time. I still BF her morning and evening generally, the odd time at night but she can settle okay without if needed.

I just wondered about my supply- will it be okay without expressing? My boobs haven't felt full in ages so presume they are well used to our very spaced out feeds but has anyone experience of whether I might get engorged while away? Would love not to have to express (I was overjoyed to ditch the damn pump some months ago) but obviously will if the consensus is my supply might be affected. I'm hoping to BF till she's 2ish all going well.

TheBeanpole Tue 16-Jun-15 10:29:46

I've done a few trips away with now-18 month DD (starting from when she was about 12 months). I get away without the pump (and a bit of hand expressing in the shower). My supply does drop a bit but you should find it goes back up if you allow her to feed on demand for a bit when you get back. I've been surprised by how flexible my body is in that regard! I was away for a whole week last month and all was fine.

MarinaCoyle Wed 17-Jun-15 13:07:13

Thanks for the reply Beanpole! That very reassuringsmile

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