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Milk blisters!

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Chickenorbeef Sat 13-Jun-15 14:06:31

Been breast feeding over 6 months now and for the last 3 ish weeks I have had this white spot on my nipple. After much googling I think it is a milk blister. Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of this as it is really painful to feed. Tried pretty much everything now..even sterilised needle �� it just bled and made it even more sore. I went to see my GP for advice, which was a waste of time. Then a local bf support group, very nice people but again nothing much gained from it.

I also have shooting pains through the day in that breast. Does anyone have any experience of this or know whether these pains could be related to the blister? Also thought possibly thrush?

Such little medical support for bf....whatever this is its not going away. Doctor said there was no infection so wouldn't prescribe anything.

Thanks in advance.

jbee1979 Wed 17-Jun-15 09:17:53

I have the same problem and my midwife recommended Lecithin. she said I'm the only person she knows who got one apart from her!

I got it in Holland and Barrett. its called Ultra Soy Lecithin 1200mg and I take one with breakfast and one with dinner.

it's clearing with a LOT of feeding on that side. I really only notice it now when I express with the pump, and I pick off the top layer of skin afterwards with my nail (lovely)!

its no where near as sore, but I've taken paracetamol and ibuprofen when it's as sore as you describe.

you have my sympathy!! smile the midwife said it's because my milk is too creamy - so I'm flattering myself that I'm fattening DD up nicely with butter & cream rather than skimmed! lol grin

ColdCottage Wed 17-Jun-15 21:39:17

Can you scratch them off? Sounds horrid but the tissue must be dead. That is what I did when I first started feeding and DS sucked the milk into the cells.

allovertheworld Wed 17-Jun-15 21:43:49

I scratched off too, plus expressing in a hot shower to clear blocked milk behind it. If you can feed in different position it helps to take pressure off the sore bit, also can helpclear blockages.

Re thrush, does your dc have any signs of infection? Thrush is quite over diagnosed I think, so I'd be cautious of assuming that without clear symptoms for both of you

DeathMetalMum Wed 17-Jun-15 21:52:06

I used to get these, I'd have a bath lots of hand expressing scrub with a face cloth then use a needle. I'm quite a sporner so wasn't too worried about the needle I had to often lift the skin a little similar to a splinter, and lots of brestfeeding. On all fours over the top of baby once managed to dislodge the blockage. Hope it clears up soon.

Do you have a blockage though? I always had quite a noticeable lump when I had a nipple bleb/ milk blister.

KanyesVest Wed 17-Jun-15 21:52:24

I second lecithin, found it great. You'll find good information on

Chickenorbeef Fri 19-Jun-15 08:05:14

Thanks all, really helpful advice. Blister much better, nearly gone I think...after some aggressive tactics.

But I am still left with these pains in one boob. No idea if it is related to the blister or not (i think not) ....but its like tingly shooting pains that i can feel in the nipple then all around the boob. Ive seen three bloody doctors about it now and keep getting fobbed off...they wont prescribe anything. Saying its neither mastitis or thrush. In fact the male doctor even said it was just let down pain angry....which i know it is not this. (Been breast feeding 7 months now) Oh and the female GP asked me if it could be indigestion?! Seriously. Lost all faith in GP's lately. But now hit a brick wall as the pain is still I just meant to put up with it?!?

Pain is not excruciating but definitely doesn't feel right. Anyone any idea? Or anything i can try?

Thank you !

ColdCottage Fri 19-Jun-15 12:05:40

Call the Breast Feeding network they will be able to help and tell you want to ask for if you need drugs.

Chickenorbeef Fri 19-Jun-15 12:39:40

Already done this and they were baffled. Just said try hot compress, express after a feed etc etc

jbee1979 Fri 19-Jun-15 14:33:13

The pain is coming from the bleb! paracetamol + ibuprofen + lecithin and you'll be cured! seriously.

Chickenorbeef Fri 19-Jun-15 17:06:59

Do you think? The pain has been short and sharp today, very tingly, and really hurting.

I am literally going to holland and barrat first thing want this to stop now hmm

KanyesVest Fri 19-Jun-15 18:05:14

I got a little bit of thrush in one of my breasts when I had the milk blisters. I have never heard it recommended, so simply my experience, but I put a bit of neem oil on my nipple after each feed (washed before next feed, just in case). It's anti fungal (it was recommended to me for thrush nappy rash for DD and was a miracle) and I found it, coupled with strong udos probiotic worked really well. It whiffs a bit though! I don't think Holland and Barrett, but a health food shop probably will.

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