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Help me find the perfect bottle!

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dajmibuzi Thu 11-Jun-15 09:30:44

Can anyone recommend a bottle brand for me please.

I'll give a bit of back story...

dd is 8mo. ebf for 6 months and gradually phased in bottles of formula until she was completely switched over. She's been poorly the last week And we've been back and forth to hospital with her. In the week she refused milk in any format. Cup, beaker, bottle, syringe until she got really dehydrated. While on the mend in hospital she was taking really well to these little baby bottles of aptimil with a screw on teat. The teat was a slow flow one and it was really little and narrow/straight. She seemed to love these and took to them better than any of the other ones I've tried prior to her being poorly.

We've tried avent natural and tommee tippee closer to nature but I think, while she would drink from them, she fussed a lot and got really windy and fidgety.

Can anyone recommend a brand that they've had success with? I've heard NUK is good for babies who are/were breastfed?

Thanks smile

Nerris Thu 11-Jun-15 09:35:08

My babies were very fussy with most of the popular brands, bottle feeding was a nightmare.

BOTH of them got on brilliantly with the medela bottles and teats. The teats are more tapered ratheer than round and squat, and they got on fine with them

dajmibuzi Thu 11-Jun-15 10:08:39

Ooh medela!

I once did work experience with a medela rep. (Irrelevant)

I've just done a bit of browsing online and I like that medela do a slow flow teat which is quite narrow.

On the way home from hospital last night the only bottle I could get (cause Tesco was the only place open) that was similar was this Tesco everyday value one and she loved it! But I'm a but dubious about the quality because it was so cheap. Maybe that's silly though.

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