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Quick formula question

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ohthegoats Wed 10-Jun-15 11:19:14

Is it OK to do the same as a 'perfect prep' when manually doing bottles? Just a 'shot' of boiling water to kill bacteria and dissolve formula, before topping up with cooler water?

This is for an 8 month old baby who I've just moved from BF to formula.

Would I need to use previously boiled water as the cooler water?

CultureSucksDownWords Wed 10-Jun-15 20:52:48

Yes, although use enough hot water so that the powder mixes properly and all gets hit with the hot water.

You don't need to use cooled boiled water as the cold water, for an 8 month old - tap will be fine.

Also, you probably will already know, but measure both waters separately to make the right total.

ohthegoats Wed 10-Jun-15 23:01:46

Woohoo... no more nightmare screamy waits for the bloody things to cool.


divafever24 Wed 10-Jun-15 23:06:08

Thank you for this post! Didn't know about this, it will make things so much easier! smile

ohthegoats Thu 11-Jun-15 08:22:04

Me neither diva - it was only while having a look to see how much a 'perfect prep' machine would be that I read the instructions and wondered.

Will save me going to bed with a jug of cold water, a bottle with formula powder in, a flask with boiling water... erk. Well, it won't.. but it will make things loads easier. No need to wait, just chuck some of the cold water from the jug into the bottle, instead of the bottle into the jug and listen to whinging.

ThinkIveBeenHacked Thu 11-Jun-15 08:24:26

You know you can prep feeds in advance right? Even the NHS site says premade bottles can be refridgerated for 24 hours.

Quick run under the hot tap to take the chill off (pr better yet get them used to room temp/cold milk) and done.

excitedforbaba Thu 11-Jun-15 08:35:15

Ohthegoats we had a very impatient hungry baby who would neither wait for a fresh boiled bottle to cool nor a premade fridge bottle to remove the chill!

I now every night before bed boil and cool the kettle fill her bottles up to just slightly over 4oz (she takes8) and pop them in the fridge to cool ready for morning then it's just boil kettle top up to the 8oz and shake the wee pre-filled formula holder thingy into bottle and ta-da perfect bottle ready in seconds!

I would sugges just slightly over half of cold and the rest of hot and it should be at a slightly warm temp As Dd doesn't do cold bottles! Little diva she is

ohthegoats Thu 11-Jun-15 17:40:35

Good skills folks, thanks!

The only real issue is the middle of the night one - I'm not getting out of bed if I can help it!

WiIdfire Thu 11-Jun-15 17:45:17

Excitedforbaba - thats not right though, if you add 4oz hot water to 4oz cold water THEN add the powder, it wont be hot enough to kill the bacteria. Unless I've read it wrong? You need to add the hot water to the powder, then into the cold.

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