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Breastfeeding help pleeeaseee!

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CheerfulYank Wed 10-Jun-15 03:57:45

My DS is three weeks old and we are ebf. He is getting enough I think, he weighed 8 lbs 7 at birth but had dropped a little below 8 when we left the hospital. He had a Dr appt yesterday and was 9 lbs 9 (some of that was wet diaper though smile).

My issues are that it's still quite painful at times. Not nearly as bad in the beginning, but definitely pretty painful, at least right at first. I bf my older two and I feel like the pain was definitely better than this point.

We are still using shields. I used them with my older two as well and weaned off totally around a month. I'm using them for the pain and also because he seems to have trouble latching. He's latched on a few times without them but he gets very upset if it takes him too long and then it's almost impossible. I'm hoping to get off them soon, but the pain makes it hard to make too much effort to be honest.

As far as the pain goes, DS doesn't have much of a chin. (Inherited from my dad, I think grin). Because it's so small, he has quite an overbite, or seems to to me anyway. Could this be the cause of the pain? Any idea of how to make it better?

Also, when do they stop wanting to nurse all the time?! I've forgotten and I'm so tired.

CheerfulYank Wed 10-Jun-15 03:59:01

at this point

PenguinPoser Wed 10-Jun-15 04:26:53

Sounds like you need to get his latch and positioning checked and get him assessed for tongue tie as well. Guessing you're in America (from your username and words - apologies if incorrect!!) so unsure what support you have with this - if you can access la leche league they were very helpful for me. Also any local breastfeeding groups? It was a LLL and NHS lactation consultant that diagnosed my DDs tongue tie following feeding problems. They would also be able to check the overbite etc.

In terms of the constant feeding... My dd is now 12w and it improved around 8-9w (coinciding with her tt snip so maybe related).

Sorry I don't have any other advice - fwiw if using shields is working for you at the moment then nothing wrong with that. Main thing is baby is getting fed!

It sounds like you're doing great. Hang in there it will get better. And congratulations on your baby flowers

CheerfulYank Wed 10-Jun-15 12:26:39

Thanks so much. Yes, I'm American smile

I looked up the LLL in my state. My little area doesn't have a local chapter but our nearest city does. At the very least, maybe I can email the leaders and ask them.

I tried him without the shields through the night and he actually did pretty well. It seemed a little less painful, surprisingly. I'm thinking maybe he can get more in without it?

We'll keep trying.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 13-Jun-15 08:16:33

Shields do help them feed better ime. They are really only useful in some very particular situations.

Ok, what sort of position are you feeding him in? What works to reduce the pain?

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