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10 week old refusing bottle

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madbunnygirl Sat 06-Jun-15 15:25:06

My 10 week old DD is EBF but has always had a small bottle of expressed milk since she was around 4 weeks old for my husband to feed each evening when he got home from work.

For some reason this week this habit has slipped slightly and last night she refused her bottle and on trying again this morning she's still having none of it. She continues to feed from me without any fuss but has screamed and screamed when we've tried a bottle.

I'm away for a night next week and now really worried I'll have to cancel my plans, my husband was really looking forward to having some time alone with our DD without me around. I've managed to express plenty of milk for her while I'm away too.

Is there anything we can try to get her to take a bottle again??


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