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4mo growth spurt - is this a thing??

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RevoltingPeasant Fri 05-Jun-15 15:28:28

DD is 19 w and her sleep has gone to pot a bit. I knew about the four mo sleep regression though so am assuming it will pass in time.

But now she is also feeding like crazy! Sometimes more than once an hour, super cranky if put down....this is just like the 6w growth spurt.

But, is there a 4mo growth spurt? Or is there some chance I'm suddenly not enough, or good enough quality, milk? Am a bit worried I'm drying up and starving her confused

Anyone else had this?

tiktok Fri 05-Jun-15 15:36:15

Babies don't grow in a linear way, and their needs are not predictable either - any baby, at any time, can have a period of extra feeding. People sometimes say these are growth spurts and they happen at x weeks, x mths, or whatever. There is no good evidence for this, though.
The behaviour has nothing to do with a sudden loss in quantity or quality smile

Best way to deal with any period of feeding frenzy is to feed, and offer cuddles if feeding doesn't do the trick.

You are not drying up - how would that happen? smile Your milk is fine smile

squizita Fri 05-Jun-15 20:23:12

I found my dd was ravenous, sleepless and needy at 4 months. Just one of those things! grin As I understand it's quite common - you have a handful for a while but nothings "wrong" as it were.

helloelo Fri 05-Jun-15 20:40:00

DS had a growth spurt at 3mo and is now going through a bit of a sleep regression at 4mo. He has also asked for a feed every 2,5hours for 2 days (but it's super hot here) and for a 11pm feed when before he was sleeping 8pm-2am.

Your body knows what to do with your baby, your baby knows what to do too, let her and all will be fine, your milk is perfect for her flowers

CrispyCrochet Sat 06-Jun-15 07:01:47

Revolting it is exhausting but normal. Just follow your baby's lead and trust your body! And repeat "this too shall pass"

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