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Help, gorgeous newborn is clamping down and killing my nipples!

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IssMc Sun 31-May-15 22:49:58

Hi All,
Really hoping for some advice. My beautiful baby is four weeks old tomorrow. She had a little trouble feeding in the first week due to a tongue tie (but managed not to loose much weight). Then we had a few days of cushy, easy, lovely, delightful BFing after it was dealt with - the blisters on my nipples completely healed and it didn't hurt at all.
Since then I have had an extraordinary painful time particularly when she first latches on and for the first couple of minutes of the feed, this started on one side but after about a week it was effecting both breasts. I thought this might be overactive letdown (I seem to have masses of milk, baby often pulls off the breast for a little break, she's gaining weight at a rate of knots and throws up a lot after and sometimes during feeds.) Towards the end of the feed she also often clamps down very hard, pulls back her head and/or twists it side to side basically worrying my nipple. It's excruciating and harder to cope with than the pain I feel generally which takes my breathe away but at least expect it. It might sound ridiculous but I genuinely catch myself wondering if I will still have a nipple attached at the end of the feed when she bites hard and they look like livid pink pineapples when she finally lets go.
I rang a helpline when this started and the consultant suggested that baby was biting to bring in more milk. She recommended massaging my breasts when I felt she was getting fussy but I can't seem to tell when it will happen. I spoke to a lactation consultant who said the more constant pain might be thrush. A pediatrition I saw previously had ruled this out but then a GP examined baby and said she had a mild case of it. Baby is now taking lurid coloured drops and I am daubing vinegar on my nips after feeds, letting them air dry and coating them in Daktarin and laundering everything in sight at 60 degrees. The midwife came today and seemed to think the pain I was experience wasn't normal, she reiterated that babies thrush was very mild (I'm not sure if this implied that the thrush perhaps couldn't account for it either) and she also suggested just feeding from one breast (alternating) at each feed to try to control any over supply.
Sorry for the epic saga, I suppose I both wanted to vent and also to ask ... if any one has any ideas about what the hell is going on and what I can do or who I can see to help?
Also possibly relevant today I have noticed a kind of red circle around each of my areola - not the streaks I was told to look out for that might indicate mastitis. Possibly this is from the biting?
Baby is also very windy and crampy - perhaps from overfeeding or the thrush or a recent course of antibiotics I was on - and so she constantly wants to nurse. And I want to comfort her whenever she needs but I'm starting to wonder if its not just making things worse for both of us.

Lagoonablue Sun 31-May-15 22:54:05

The pain at the start sounds like thrush. You may need a tablet for this. Check what you can take. Thrush a,so makes babies fussy and windy.

Amybabygypsyqueen Sun 31-May-15 23:06:37

You sound like me 7 years ago, I had thrush it was horrific. I ended up with a short course of fluconazole which cleared us both up. I had to take the breast feeding network information to the gp with me. Baby had nystatin but after 3-4 days it was great. Avoid sugar and yeasty foods does your baby have nappy rash also?

TheOldestCat Sun 31-May-15 23:09:05

Very similar to my situation with DD and it was thrush. My nipples were rosy red! Delightful - it was my health visitor who diagnosed it. My GP prescribed a cream I had to apply after feeds then wash off before the next feed (as you can imagine, that was a total pain in the arse but it did ease the pain after only a couple of days).

Lagoonablue Sun 31-May-15 23:13:38

Btw when I had through there was no sign of it in DS and not that obvious on me. It was the deep pain, especially on latching that was the giveaway.

Get to doc for some medication asap.

Good luck!

IssMc Tue 02-Jun-15 14:59:51

Thanks all! Baby has had a few days on Nystatin and I've been using Daktarin (although just found out there are two kinds of this so may have been using the wrong one - the one I have now is recommended by the NHS although its an off licence use). I was also washing my nipples in vinegar after every feed but stopped today because of the rigmarole and the ouch. I know what you mean OldestCat - all this washing my nips is exhausting. Pain seemed lessened yesterday but today is not good. Baby is happier and I think less windy -definitely throwing up less. But this could be down to feeding her from just one breast each feed in an effort to deal with oversupply. No nappy rash Amybabygypsyqueen! But husband has only just gone back to work today and because I've been laid up with an infected episiotomy he has done the lions share of nappy changing so not much chance of cross contamination there I guess.

Amybabygypsyqueen Tue 02-Jun-15 22:12:59

Sometimes when babies get thrush it can be quite mild in the mouth but they can get it worse on their bum. I wasnt suggesting that you had been wiping her buttocks with your nips though grin
My girls always got it both ends when I had it xx

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