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Will a dummy (or formula) help?

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Totality22 Sun 31-May-15 08:06:51

My baby doesn't sleep!!!

She is 4 months and doesn't go longer than 4 hours (rarely - its usually closer to 3 hours actually) and she uses boob as comfort so she can be on for an hour before she is asleep and I take her off.

We co-sleep which helps although OH is on the sofa so not ideal but for every 3 -4 hours she sleeps I only get 2-3 hours?

I have a toddler and I am so sick of being so tired.

I really don't want to go to formula [baby hates bottles - even with expressed milk] but could a dummy help?

Or should I tough it out?

Imeg Sun 31-May-15 08:10:00

I bet you have already tried this but I used to actively offer mine feeds more often than he asked for it during the day (eg every 2 hours even when he was 5 months or so), and I think this did help him wake up a bit less at night. Didn't make him magically sleep through or anything, but helped a bit. I can imagine this would be trickier with a toddler around though, and we weren't co-sleeping so not sure if that would make a difference.
Hope it gets better soon...

Totality22 Sun 31-May-15 09:13:25


Yep she doesn't feed as often or for as long in the day - no matter how often I offer. She is quite easily distracted at the moment as well.

I guess its just a case of ploughing on. She'll sleep eventually?

araminem Sun 31-May-15 09:24:35

Uh. I want to know too. 3.5 month old here who is the same. And the last 2 nights have been even worse!

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