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13 week old rejecting breast after short feeds

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Cosmia Fri 29-May-15 13:42:39

My 13 week old baby has been EBF from birth, weight gain has always been ok and she has kept to her centile (25th). However in the last couple of weeks she has got really fidgety at the breast and has started snapping on and off and groaning whilst feeding, only settling when she gets put onto the other boob and not really feeding longer than 10 minutes. At this week's weigh in she has only put on 200g in 2 weeks and has dropped to the 9th centile. Health visitor isn't worried as she is smiling, alert, doing lots of wet nappies and pooing every other day or so, but suggested weighing again in 2 weeks.
I went to the local feeding clinic yesterday and they said that she has learnt that she gets the sweet, easy to suck, milk in the first 5-10 mins and then comes off with a view to being put on the other side. The advice was to persist with longer feeds. The problem is that she just doesn't seem to want to do this and just keeps getting agitated and pulling off (so am now getting very sore nipples).
Has anyone else had this and overcome it? I'm worried that my supply will start dropping and compound the problem but cant see what else to do.
I've never had great success expressing and with a 3 year old too would prefer to avoid as there aren't really enough hours in the day...
She feeds every 2-3 hours through the day and usually once or twice in the night.
All suggestions very gratefully received!

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