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Frequent feeding

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ClaJos12 Thu 28-May-15 21:36:25

After an difficult start with breastfeeding and many issues with difficulty latching and bleeding nipples I've reached a point where my lb is now exclusively breast feed. He's 15 weeks old today.
Because of all the problems we've had he's be on a combined diet of formula and breast milk until the last week, gradually reducing the formula. We stopped formula totally after advice from the HV after he was weighed. At birth he was on the 50th centile but has now reached the 98th. I can see her point, he is clearly doing well and the last thing I want is him to get too big.
Since cutting out formula totally in the last week his feeds have increased in length and last forever, one feed almost runs into the next. He's also no longer sleeping through.
Does anyone have any tips to help shorten his feeds or increase time between feeds. I feel like I spend all my time feeding and I'd like us to be doing other things if possible.

McBaby Fri 29-May-15 06:21:59

Sounds like he is trying to boost your supply where you have dropped the formula I'm sure it will calm down.

Also have a look at 4 month sleep regression they can make sleeping and feeding a bit crazy fir

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