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Tongue Tie cut at 6 months, still not feeding well

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SpeckyB Wed 27-May-15 18:00:07

my 6.5 month old DD had a severe tongue tie that was cut a week ago (the consultant described it as meaty). She was 8lb 1oz at birth (75th percentile) & now weights 13lb at 6.5 months (2nd percentile). No weight gain in the last 7 weeks.

I got the tongue tie investigated due to the poor weight gain and also because my DD gagged and threw up everything in her stomach every time a tiny amount of puree etc was put in her mouth. She is still EBF but has never fed for long ( unlike my first DD). Breastfeeding was very fussy too.

My question is how long will it take before breastfeeding time improves? My DD has no interest in food / clamps her mouth closed. Did anyone else have TT cut at 6 months & did your child start eating food soon afterwards? I've tried blw & purée & she has no interest at all.

Thanks for reading. Getting desperate as I was hoping fixing the tongue tie would be an instant solution!

BeakyMinder Thu 28-May-15 21:11:32

What did the consultant say? They should have talked to you about it properly, told you what to expect etc. Are they going to follow up?

Tbh we hear a lot of very confident, scientific-sounding talk about tongue tie, but the reality is no one knows much about it at all. The fussy BFing could have been caused by something else, eg oversupply, and lots of babies have a strong gag reflex that takes a while to go away.

Was the consultant worried about the weight gain? Or more just responding to your worries?

Mouseymum Tue 02-Jun-15 00:56:10

Mine had tt finally cut properly at 3mo - took a month to see improvement.

Nessler Sun 14-Jun-15 20:06:35

DD had tongue tie cut at 5 months. Nightmare with solids, refused spoon feeding, now at 11 months is finally eating with only the odd gag. Still dislikes spoons though!
Bf got better about a month or so after the cut. We still have problems with constipation and the cons talked about the tie affecting gut motility but I wonder if its due to other issues.

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