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One breast over producing help!

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lovelyleftrubbishright Tue 26-May-15 11:05:37

I'm exclusively breastfeeding my 6 week old daughter and it has been going very well. She's gaining weight very well. I've always had quite an active supply, breasts started leaking at 28 weeks pregnant and have not stopped! My left breast has settled down, is lovely and soft and only leaks when I feed from the other or when I feel a let down twinge. My daughter is always very calm at this breast and seems satisfied and happy after emptying it. My right breast however is leaking CONSTANTLY. I was watching it last night in bed and it was letting out a drip per second for about 20 minutes; I soaked through two muslins! My daughter chokes and splutters on this breast and pulls off and on. Yesterday I fed her from it and I had to change my whole outfit as I was drenched! When she does take a substantial feed from it she does not seem satisfied, I guess because it still feels half full she's not getting to the hindmilk? So we finish on lovely left and all is calm again. It is visibly larger and swollen.
She is producing a poo at almost every feed still with the occasional green one though they are mostly standard mustardy ones.
I am still trying to feed on both side equally and should add I'm most definitely feeding on demand!
Right boob has stretch marks and left doesn't, don't know if that's relevant.
Any ideas to get right as lovely as left?

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