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13 month old, losing weight, breastfeeding frequently.

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AnCrogail Fri 22-May-15 00:49:49

My dd is 13months. She was a nightmare to wean- breastfed, bottle refuser, refused all milk from all cups, spoon refuser and reluctant BLW. She eventually started to eat at around 10months when I went back to work. The nursery tell me she eats well, and her nappies changed finally within a week or 2 of starting there so I suppose they are being truthful.

She never showed much interest in food at home, always seeking milk if I am about. Since starting in nursery we have had the inevitable run of sickness- max of 10 consecutive fever free days since March. When poorly she generally refuses solids, so I always allow her breastfeed freely to try get some calories and liquids into her.

At her 12 month weight check she had dropped 150g over 2 months (bringing her from just above 75th to between 25-50th centile), remaining on the 75th for height. In the past month she has been poorly more than well and barely eating at all. I haven't weighed her but I can see she is thinner.

We seem to be nearly back to square one with weaning- she just throws her food on the floor and looks for milk. I then feel like I can't refuse as I'm worried about her which of course means she is less likely to eat her next meal. We have also gone from sleeping through to 1/2 night feeds. She refuses all meats, most veg and eats only tiny portions of carbs so I'm really worried she must be anaemic. She refuses all dairy (even yoghurt/ice cream!). She was out of nursery most of last week (illness) and this week (my holidays) which is probably not helping. I am considering looking for alternative childcare but in the meantime has anyone got any advice on ways to encourage her to eat and reduce her dependence on breastmilk?

Victoria2002 Sat 23-May-15 22:25:50

I can't really answer all your questions but I do have few thoughts:
1) breastmilk will provide loads of calories and nutrients (plus excellent rehydration and comfort when she's unwell).
2) it sounds like this run of sickness is more likely to be the reason for her weight loss though I do understand the illness & not eating & weight loss are all related.
3) 150g doesn't sound like a lot. Babies weights do fluctuate a bit and I don't think it's helpful to obsess about her weight.
Have you thought of giving her an infant supplement like floradix (maybe the one with iron if suitable)?
I think it's actually quite common for breast-fed + BLW babies to accept very little solids till they are 18m+.

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