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3 months tomorrow and still going strong ...

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Ghosty Sun 02-May-04 08:47:17

Please bear with me everyone

I just wanted to tell you all that DD is 3 months ole tomorrow and I am still totally breastfeeding her. She is thriving and we are a very happy and contented mummy and baby duo ... She is 15lbs 7oz, a right little porker ... and has slept from 11pm to 7.30am for the last 2 weeks.

After sadly stopping very early with DS I always wanted to try again and I am soooo glad that I have had the wisdom of mumsnet to show me that it IS possible ...

Anyone who didn't manage it with their first but would like to try again please see me as an example that it can work!

Yours proudly

Ghosty xx

PS ... Shy, Moi? No more! I am doing it everywhere .... on the steps outside Auckland Museum last week ... Thanks Lavender1

hercules Sun 02-May-04 08:57:37

Well done ghosty!!
I'm glad some good came from that thread!

Beccarollover Sun 02-May-04 09:16:12

Brilliant ghosty! Well done

She sounds gorgeous and thriving on her lovely mummy milk


hewlettsdaughter Sun 02-May-04 10:49:16

Well done Ghosty
Did you have trouble establishing breastfeeding this time or was it much easier?

tamum Sun 02-May-04 11:20:02

Well done you, forkeeping going, and about overcoming your shyness. Agree, it good to know that something good came out of that thread!

toddlerbob Sun 02-May-04 20:34:21

Well done Ghosty and what a good inspiration to others that you can feed a big baby exclusively on breast milk. Good for you.

scrumpy Sun 02-May-04 20:49:15

Well done Ghosty, I am up to 11 weeks and although have had blips ie 1 and a half hours at shopping mall trying to feed screaming ds and pacify irritated dh eventually went home, i am also enjoying the closeness I have with my Ds and am glad that I perservered when others around said change to bottle. Be interested to hear how it keeps going as my ds and your dd only one week different in age.



Demented Mon 03-May-04 10:06:21

Well done Ghosty and scrumpy!

baldrick Mon 03-May-04 10:09:26

Well done Ghosty, that's really good to hear you're doing so well

motherinferior Mon 03-May-04 10:57:10

Oh, Ghosty, how lovely. xxxxx

moodyzebra Mon 03-May-04 11:00:08

Congrats Ghosty!

mears Mon 03-May-04 19:10:33

Very well done Ghosty

bunnyrabbit Wed 05-May-04 08:37:32

Well done to you both!!

So pleased to see you're post. I will indeed use you as my inspiration next time... that's supposing there is a next time (she says broodily).


Tissy Wed 05-May-04 08:53:20

well done,

papillon Wed 05-May-04 08:55:38

On the steps of the Auckland Museum - wow thats great. Congratulation!
Great that it is bringing such happiness and special times.

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