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Best way to stop BF?

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KeepSmiling83 Fri 15-May-15 15:05:28


DD2 is 5 weeks old and I am stopping BF. I've found it quite difficult and she has just been diagnosed with thrush and reflux. I also have an older DD and feel this is the right decision for my family.

I have been adding a bottle each day and feeding her through the night but want to stop feeding as she is starting to refuse BF and is hurting as I guess she is used to the bottle now?

If I just give her bottles from now on and express every so often to avoid becoming too engorged will that work? I really don't want mastitis but obviously can't wean her off slowly as she is refusing to BF.

Any help greatly appreciated as I'm feeling quite emotional about it!

hibbledibble Fri 15-May-15 20:10:30

A caution as ff makes reflux worse generally, it was certainly my experience. Thrush is very easily treated.

Regarding stopping, I wouldn't express as that will just stimulate your supply.

ChocolateBiscuitCake Sat 16-May-15 10:22:28

Following as have heartbreakingly decided to stop with 4.5week old too.

I am in agony and really don't want mastitis. Would prefer not to bf as dd is so rubbish that we end up in a cycle of long drawn out feeds and at the end a hungry, unsettled baby, whose limited awake time is spent screaming and sleep time is disrupted. I have 3 other young children and have reached a point where they need me more than my (desperate) wish to bf. I can't spend hours on the sofa - it's not fair or practical.

I have resorted to gentle expressing every hour or so but nervous I am stimulating them to just make more.

If anyone can help me and the op, I would be grateful xx

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