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Starting a dreamfeed/late feed at 14 week. Success or failure any Tips?

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fredandme123 Fri 15-May-15 14:08:20

I would really like some advice with feeding my baby overnight. He is 14 weeks old and FF. He eats between 1000-1200ml between 7am and 7pm and is over 7kg.

He wakes through the night from a bedtime at 7.30 multiple times and in general we soothe with a dummy or a cuddle or if it's after 6am bringing him into our bed. He usually has only one bottle in the night. I have established that if I feed at 3,5 and 7pm he will go till 5am but is not remotely interested in breakfast at 7/8 or even 9 am. I am only offering half of a feed ( 4oz instead of 8oz at 5am and sometimes he doesn't finish it ) If I skip the 5pm feed which he is completely fine about then he will wake at 2.30 for a feed and then sometimes again at 5.30. My only issue with this is I find it impossible to get back to sleep at 3am and he is so unsettled from then until we get up that if I do get back to sleep I am woken every 40mins with whinging for dummy or crying (for seemingly no reason) I know he can self soothe as he goes to bed at 7.30 awake and down for lunchtime nap awake- he usually needs help for morning and afternoon help and I'll cuddle him to sleep.

I am trying to follow GF as have established that he loves routine and this has helped enormously with naps. The only bit I don't follow is feeding baby at 10.30 pm. We did try this for 2 weeks when he was about 7/8 weeks and it was a bit of a failure - he either wouldn't eat well or would wake at the same time anyway so it became an extra feed.

I might be a bit daft I am hoping to try a feed at 10.30 pm again as this on top of 3/5/7pm should (technically) see him though to 7am based on his usual length of sleep at night between feeding and will hopefully mean he wants to eat his breakfast. I know he likes to know what is coming when and this makes him 100x happier in the day so feel like I need to help him crack overnight feeding and he will be a happier baby.

Anyone had a similar story and any success? Thanks in advance x

mrswishywashy Mon 18-May-15 11:27:25

You could try introducing dream feed it may work or not.

I think the biggest thing is to drop the dummy and gradually withdraw of you cuddling or using dummy to sleep, it seems he struggling to transistion through sleep cycle in the later part of the night. It's also not impossible that he may be hungry in the night. Keeping the feed small is a good idea if he's happy with that. Also as either way you mentioned above he is restless around 5am then it may be he's in a light sleep because of been in bed all night, this is very common so you could try resettling instead of giving milk. Over a period of time this should push this wake up after 6am. Also as he gets a bit older he will be happy to play in his cot for a while. Also depends what his day routine is like and if anything could be adjusted there. Hope that helps.

fredandme123 Mon 18-May-15 14:31:15

Thanks WishyWashy, I'm three nights in now with little improvement. I have always given smaller feeds in the night so tonight will try a full one and not worry that he won't want breakfast for hours or will eat very little at breakfast bottle- sleep for all of us is more important! He was very restless for 2 hours this morning and then crashed out for another 2 in bed with me! Currently he has been napping for 2.5 hours so I know he needs the sleep, like you say he struggles to resettle when he is in a light sleep having been in bed all night. Will hope that he grows out of it and the time just edges closer to 7am as the weeks and months go on.

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