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Anyone taking morning after pill whilst BF?

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snowydrops Tue 12-May-15 21:51:40

I'm 8 weeks postpartum, DH and I had sex for the first time again at the weekend and although he says he withdrew in time I don't trust that method and feel like a fool for relying on it.

I am expressing 6 x per day but not BF, one express is in the night. I don't know how likely it is I could get pregnant but got the morning after pill anyway today, it's already 70hrs after.

Has anyone taken levonelle when BF? How long will it be in my system? I desperately don't want to take it but feel scared by the prospect of possible PG!

I know the other option is copper cool, which I have had before but my Dr doesn't fit them!!

tiktok Wed 13-May-15 10:14:32

This will help you:

Levonelle is licensed to take when bf.

snowydrops Fri 15-May-15 03:30:44

Thanks for this, I took it on Tuesday evening in the end. Has anyone d else actually taken it when BF / before periods returned? I have been feeling quite off for the last two days, kind of dull headache, slight nausea and a bit sort of fuzzy. My tummy also feels weird, kind of heavy...has anyone taken levonelle when BF? If so did it make your period come back? I'm wondering whether it will bring AF back or make no difference?!

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