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Does anybody know about Gaviscon ??

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hodgepodgepanda Wed 06-May-15 20:20:49

6 week old Ds was put on Gaviscon last week as he may have either reflux or a milk intolerance & is struggling to feed .

I stopped the Gaviscon last Friday as it seemed to be causing him pain , screamed for 5 hours solid & was whimpering/crying out in pain , took him back to the GP today & he said that their is no way that the Gaviscon is causing him any pain & told me to put him back on it along with Dentinox .

Ds has had three lots so far & is now whimpering & crying out in pain again , is it possible the Gaviscon is causing this ?

He wasn't like this until I put him back on it today , he was still in pain after most feeds & bringing sick up which he just swallows & has diarrhea but the GP just says that's a stomach bug hmm

I have spoken to my HV & she is coming round tomorrow to make sure I know how to feed & wind him properly as apparently Im a moron & I can't possibly know how to do this because he is my first !!!

JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 07-May-15 03:55:19

What makes the Dr think it's a milk intolerance and how would Gaviscon help if it was?

Jackieharris Thu 07-May-15 06:07:12

Did was put on baby gaviscon. It is the baby stuff he's having?

Are you bf or ff? The instructions kind of assume ff as reflux (what did had) is mostly a ff problem but she was on both so it was very difficult to give it to her with bfs.

You probably do need some help. Reflux is awful. Lots of crying like you describe. It is more likely to be that rather than the gaviscon that is making him cry so don't be concerned that the hv wants to check him out, that's what they are there for.

hodgepodgepanda Thu 07-May-15 08:20:34

Because of the diarrhea the gp said if it's not cleared up by Sunday then it is more than likely a milk intolerance .

He is formula fed & the infant gaviscon honestly does seem to have him in more pain

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