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Breastfeeding - Humour Needed!

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Popplemama Wed 06-May-15 10:15:33

This morning my cat started yowling for his breakfast at 5:30 - disturbingly my automatic, semi-asleep response was to start unclipping the trusty nursing bra... Apparently after just ten weeks motherhood has trained my brain to respond to any demands for food!

This got me wondering if anyone else had any funny stories about feeding so that we could inject a little humour into this madness?!

As a bit of background after a tricky start with a jaundiced baby who couldn't stay awake to eat during her first week, we've been really lucky and on paper everything is going really well. The trouble is that from reading far too much on the internet I feel huge pressure to 'love' breastfeeding.

Sometimes it is lovely and I want to cry looking at her contented face - other times I just want to weep with exhaustion or just get the feed finished so I can get out of the car and into Tesco! Are you really meant to 'love' all 56 feeds every week?!

Therefore if anyone has any stories to raise a giggle and help us all feel we're all in this together it would be very, very welcome!

Gimmesomemore Wed 06-May-15 10:42:01

That made me chuckle Popplemama.

Racking my brains trying to remember through the haze of the feeding years.

In the early days of sodden wet breast pads, I recall one occasion where one of my mum's cats nabbed one in delight and ran off with their catch....

Also, I went to see Billy Elliott, not long after the London bombings, and packed a dismantled breast pump. Just in case we were out longer than expected.

Going through theatre security, I got held up whilst they decided what sort of threat my breast pump posed! Once they realised what it was, they hurriedly let me through.

Lastly, I had an op when ds1 was roughly 6 months old. I was in the recovery room post op, screaming in agony with worried theatre staff checking my op sites.

It had nothing to do with my op, but my hugely engorged breasts, bursting with milk. I hadn't been able to feed ds1 that morning and couldn't express much off, oh the agony. I ended up with 2 theatre nurses (one on each boob) frantically trying to manually express me. How embarrassing!

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