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How much milk - 13 month old

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Lausarama Sun 03-May-15 22:48:59

My dd is 13 months and breastfeeds before bed and first thing (about 6am in bed with me) and sometimes before her nap. If we're out and about, she doesn't feed during the day and the feeds she does have are short - generally a few minutes.

She eats quite a lot of dairy - cheese and yoghurts but doesn't drink any cows milk. I've tried giving it to her but she mainly just pours it out on the floor hmm. So I don't really bother now but I'm wondering if she needs it and I should try her on it again? Also thinking of stopping breastfeeding so I presume cows milk would have to replace the bf but what if she won't take it.... confused?

Thanks for any advice

westcountrywoman Sun 03-May-15 23:43:24

DS was breast-fed until 14 months. I tried to gradually introduce cows milk as a drink from around 8 months but he was having none of it. At 14 months, I decided I'd had enough BF and gave up, hoping he'd switch to cow's milk if BF was off the scene. Unfortunately, he was still not interested (but luckily didn't seem to miss his BF) so I just made sure he had lots of yogurt and cheese (plus milk on cereal). At around 20 months he decided he liked cow's milk after all!

Lausarama Mon 04-May-15 12:27:57

Thanks for your reply west. I suppose I'm just a bit concerned that she's not getting enough as she doesn't seem to breastfeed for long when she does. I'll keep on trying and hope she starts drinking it at some point!

She's also going to start nursery this week and they asked me if she needs milk during the day - I don't think she does but wonder whether they could try her on cows milk or if milk in just the morning and evening is enough.

GlitterTwinkleToes Mon 04-May-15 12:32:05

If she's having two bf a day as well as yogurts and cheese that is plenty. It's recommend that children 12m+ have at least a pint of milk a day which includes yogurts and cheese

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Mon 04-May-15 12:33:37

I was bf till about the same age and never drank milk, and still don't. Just keep going with what you are doing with cheese and stuff.

MrsAukerman Mon 04-May-15 12:34:57

If she takes ebm from a cup or bottle could you mix a little cows milk in? Then you could alter the ratio til it's just cows milk.

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