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Dropping centiles

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butternut22 Thu 30-Apr-15 12:02:35

Hi. My DS is 15 weeks. I posted last week because he was fussing more when feeding and not feeding as much/as long. He is EBF. I got him weighed today and he has dropped a centile to the 25th from 50th. The HV said not to worry and to go back in a month. I am quite worried about this though. Does anyone have any experience of growth slowing at this age? He is still having wet and dirty nappies.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 03-May-15 13:24:10

My dd did this. Try not to worry. If she was weighed on the same scales, it might be worth asking when they were last calibrated, just when you get her next weighed. I think it's recommended to get them weighed just once a month at this age unless there is a concern and I don't think dropping one centile is classed as a concern. Usually the hcp only start to see if there is an issue if lo has dropped 2 or more.

If you are worried have a look on kellymom at "how might I increase my baby's weight". If you can't find the article, let me know and I'll try to link it for you.

Another thing you could try is to talk through your concerns with a BFC as she will be trained whereas I'm just some random ont'internet smile

Do you have the Bfing Helpline numbers?

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