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newborn not feeding enough?

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JennyBlueWren Wed 18-Feb-15 19:32:19

Baby is 4 days old and has latched on well for feeds from the start but I'm concerned by how little he is feeding. Feeds last for minutes or up to an hour and sometimes he just has a few sucks and pulls away. Today he had 2 long feeds this morning and only a few little feeds between with nothing this afternoon.

Should I be concerned and should/how do I get him to feed more?

PotteringAlong Wed 18-Feb-15 19:34:16


Is baby having plenty of wet / dirty nappies? Are you trying to feed them whenever they show signs they want it? Not all feeds are massive feeds - remember their stomach is still tiny tiny.

PotteringAlong Wed 18-Feb-15 19:34:50

This popped up on Facebook earlier today!

FlossieTreadlight Wed 18-Feb-15 19:38:14

I would say that this stage don't let him go longer than 3 hours without trying to feed him. Change nappy to wake him up, take baby grow off to keep him awake (feels cruel!) Prob nothing to worry about with him at all but if they go too long without they can become too weak to feed. As pp said - have you got plenty of wet/dirty nappies and poos of the 'right' colour?

lentilpot Wed 18-Feb-15 19:38:56

Have you been given a number for the post natal midwives? (In our area the best place to call was the nearest birthing centre, they do breastfeeding support too.) I'm sure it's fine but they can reassure you. A midwives should visit you tomorrow if you are in the UK. X


(My baby wasn't eating enough at five days old but he screamed bloody murder about it, so hopefully the fact your baby seems content means they are fine but the midwives are best placed to answer this!)

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