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anyone else have a 'boob monster'?

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creamoftomato Thu 12-Feb-15 09:04:28

10.5mo DS was EBF until weaning and still has all his milk from me. He's never taken a bottle and 95% of the time we've been perfectly happy about it, cosleeping, on mat leave and so on. A couple of months ago he was starting to drop daytime feeds and I was really pleased because it seemed like by the time Im back at work (next month) we'd be happily down to morning, evening and maybe one night feed (and even that was looking good, because he'd sometimes be happy with just some water at night!)

But everything has really unravelled and he's back to wanting to feed what feels like nearly all the time. The last two weeks have been horrible. When he's with his dad or auntie or someone else he's totally fine, but when he's with me he's miserable and clingy, just shouts and whingey until I pick him up and offer boob, and hysterical within a minute if I don't.

I know he's tiny and he just wants to be close to me and I feel awful about complaining about him, but it's just really getting me down. I'm getting really worried about going back to work and I'm really jealous that everyone else gets to be with a happy chilled out baby and I get a grumpy monster clawing at my top. It's spoiling our last few weeks together sad

I've been hoping and hoping it's just a short phase/growth spurt thing but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. Stories of hope? Ideas? I don't really want to introduce a bottle now because I don't have any bottles and he's never had formula/I hate expressing and he's 1 in less than two months! He's ok with a sippy cup and he's a great eater so I'm not really worried about nutrition or that side of things.

Greenstone Thu 12-Feb-15 10:50:16

I think just keep him as busy as you can, take him outside in the buggy for loads of walks. Distract distract distract. I remember my dd doing this at 11 months or so, I'm sure it's normal.

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