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EBF 3,5wks DS no poo and farting like there's no tomorrow

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helloelo Wed 11-Feb-15 17:27:03

TMI warning (but whatever, I'm a mother now...)

My 3,5 weeks old EBF DS (yes, PFB...) has not pooped for 48 hours. I read it could be normal for >6 weeks old EBF babies but mine is a bit young isn't he? What do you think?

Before that he was having 5-6 dirty nappies a day (normal very soft yellow seedy). He's still having 6-8 wet nappies a day but no poo. He's farting like crazy (oh the smell...!) and screaming every time, poor him. Any piece of advice gladly welcomed please.

squizita Wed 11-Feb-15 19:54:57

Give your mw or hv a ring if you're worried, but mine started pooing every other day from 1 month or so.

Having said that if you're anything like me hopefully not quite as much of a worry wort a quick phone call to the mw/hv will be reassuring as they've seen it all! smile

helloelo Thu 12-Feb-15 14:03:27

Thanks squizita, a bit of a PFB moment there but I gave him an infant glycerine suppository like the MW suggested and what happened next is quite legendary...

OhMjh Thu 12-Feb-15 14:53:09

My EBF baby poops once every 3 days usually, and has done from about 4 weeks but the screaming sounds like a bit of constipation maybe. Have you eaten something out of the ordinary? That's usually the root cause of wind!

squizita Thu 12-Feb-15 14:58:42

grin Every 3 days it's like an explosion in the birds custard factory round our way! grin

tiktok Thu 12-Feb-15 17:15:25

It's usually ok just to leave bf babies to poo without help - the farting indicates it is on its way, anyway smile

The glycerin suppository won't do any harm, but it's not needed.

Your diet is very unlikely to make any difference at all - sorry to scotch the myth OhMjh, but it is a myth smile

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