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When did your baby stop bringing up milk (7.5 months and still going strong!)

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songbird54 Wed 11-Feb-15 15:54:38

He generally isn't too bothered by it, except now he's on solids I think it doesn't always taste very nice when it comes back up. It's generally very milky sick but does have solid bits in now (sorry, way tmi!!)

He has anti reflux milk which has helped it a bit but some days he brings up small to medium amounts maybe 5-10 times? (It was 20-30 before special milk and solids!)

He is growing lots - has jumped from 5th percentile at 3 months to 50th by 6 months, so it doesn't seem to be causing developmental issues or weight loss, it's just a nuisance for both of us (and people we know with sofas, rugs, clothes etc...)

I think I notice it atm because I can't give him water, literally every drop comes straight back up. He has milk with meals, but I expected it to have cleared up by now?

What have others' experiences been? Should I take him to the GP again?

Thanks x

Nyancat Thu 12-Feb-15 01:21:20

probably not what you want to hear but mine stopped at about a year, really once she started walking, she never really crawled and just went straight to walking though, I always wonder whether it was because she was happier upright as it kept everything down.

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