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mixed feeding - breast and formula

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MuffinMcLay23 Wed 11-Feb-15 14:41:15

I have been really struggling with my milk supply since having DC2 a couple of weeks ago and have been topping up after every feed with around 100mls of formula. He lost 12% of his birth weight in the first ten days but has now started to put weight on, albeit he is still not back to his birth weight. Am really struggling with the constant cycle of breast feeding for around 45mins, then giving him a bottle of formula after that to fill him up, plus pumping breast milk to try and increase my supply, and all washing/sterilising that goes with bottle feeding and expressing. I exclusively breast fed DC1 for months with no difficulties. If anyone has combined breast and formula feeding long term do you have any tips on how to make it work as well as possible? I was wondering about alternating between breast and bottle feeds rather than giving both at each feed to save a bit of time? I have to look after DC1 too so can't really go on like this. I had a very big hemorrhage having DC2 which has affected milk supply severely, so exclusively breast feeding just isn't an option. Many thanks in advance for any tips.

stargirl1701 Wed 11-Feb-15 14:44:20

I mix fed DD1. I did alternate feeds rather than top ups.

PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom Wed 11-Feb-15 21:25:58

That is a lot of formula each feed. You might need some RL help on how best to combine them?


tiktok Wed 11-Feb-15 23:39:33

Have you had a chance to talk this through with midwife, Hv or a breastfeeding helpline, Muffin?

You need to make it clear you want to continue with bf long term.

Penguins is right - 100 miles at every feed for a baby of this week is a very great deal. It's likely not to leave much room for breastmilk and your supply will dwindle. At present you are feeding in the most difficult way- bf, ff, expressing. There has to be some way of working towards an easier life which allows more bf.

Hope you get good help soon.

mamaneedsamojito Thu 12-Feb-15 09:55:50

I mixed fed due to my DS refusing to latch. Between that, tongue tie and being a panicky FTM my supply was rubbish and even pumping every three hours day and night didn't help. I used to bf until he got cross (I guess once the flow slowed down) then top up with formula afterwards. This did make feeds a time consuming process but at least I knew he had as much breastmilk as possible before I got the formula out. It may not be quite so practical if you have other kids around though. Good luck. Mixed feeding is a bit of a slog but massive respect for persevering grin

LadyFlashHeart Thu 12-Feb-15 15:00:48

Hi Muffin.

This is exactly what I was doing, on advice from mw. Breast feeding until he refused, then topping up with expressed bm, then offering formula. I literally did not have the time (or spare hands) to sit and express milk after each feed - how to pump when I'm still trying to finish the feed? No idea how anyone with another dc to look after is meant to manage!

So now I just bf as long as possible (anything from 10-45mins), both sides, until ds comes off, then offer formula. He takes anything from 30-150ml after a bf session. Pump is now gathering dust.

this does mean I am less likely to increase my supply. Ds is 4 weeks, and according to hv there is a 6 week window of opportunity for establishing bm supply. On plus side is more manageable timewise, and ds does still seem very keen on boobs, despitethe supply being less ready than bottles of formula.

Be interested to read other experiences!

Threesen0ugh Thu 12-Feb-15 20:27:09


I've been mix feeding my now 12 week old after he became ill at 3 weeks old and was in hospital, he was too ill to bf, so I expressed and topped up with formula. Then gradually over the last 6 weeks I've reintroduced breastfeeding , he has the boob from 4am til about 4:30pm, he still refuses to feed after that time. I offer the boob for every feed if he refuses I give him a bottle and try not to stress about it. I was really worried my supply would dry up, but it didnt, as he started bf more my supply increased. My hv suggested that supply goes on a day by day basis, if you feed more one day the next day you ll have more milk. I think any amount of breast milk you can get in them is an achievement especially when bf isn't straight forward!

natalieg123 Thu 12-Feb-15 23:06:19

A wise friend told me that Breastfeeding is all about what your giving, not what you're taking away. Every feed counts. Don't be too hard on yourself. Do what works for you. X

MuffinMcLay23 Sat 14-Feb-15 19:06:05

Many thanks for all your input

NormHonal Sat 14-Feb-15 19:11:07

I mix-fed my DC2 from birth until 15mo. Majority being bf, with 1-2 feeds a day as formula.

For various reasons, medical etc.

I did it with bf at the start of the day/midday/early PM, and during the night (he woke around 2-4am usually) when my supply was good, and DH gave formula in the evenings.

You have been through a tough time. Cut yourself a lot of slack and do whatever works for you both. Good luck x

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