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painful letdown ?thrush

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Bugaboom Sun 08-Feb-15 19:59:51

Hi all. I'very posted on here a few times recently. Dd is 1 month old and ebf. I've had cracked nipples since day 1 which turned out to be infected, developed mastitis and as soon as antibiotics finished I got it again. Ive just finished
another course of antibiotics and hopefully that's gone. Nipples are still not fully healed but latch is much less painful so I'm hoping they will soon be sorted.
I've also been told I have oversupply and was recommended to just feed off one side per feed. I'm not sure this has made a huge difference. However today I am getting a painful letdown more so on right where I always leak more (and where the nipples is more damaged). This is also happening between feeds and several times during a feed. I've always been aware of the letdown (and had it with my first child as well) but this is quite intense. Could this be a sign of thrush? My baby's tongue is white but not her gums. she's also quite distressed with a cold and cough at the moment so crying a lot more. Could this cause a more forceful/painful letdown? Any tips for managing this would be great

Bugaboom Mon 09-Feb-15 08:02:02


bronya Thu 12-Feb-15 09:17:54

Hope things have improved by now. Painful letdown is always the first sign of mastitis for me.

Bugaboom Thu 12-Feb-15 21:52:14

Thanks Bronya. Fingers crossed it has settled although still a bit uncomfortable . I think you are right and it was potentially another bout of mastitis as I felt unwell the next day. Think I fended it off with hot showers, massage and ibuprofen, and a bit of a growth spurt for dd so more feeding.

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