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Lump in breast

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HolyDrinker Sun 08-Feb-15 16:15:13

So, I'm well into my 4th year of bf (2 with DS and 17months with DD) and on Friday I felt a little lump about 3cm to the left of my areola. I massaged it a bit and think I felt some milk squirt but can't be sure as was the middle of the night. I now have a further lump in line with the first but closer to the areola.

They don't hurt at all, so now I'm panicking whether they might not be clogged ducts at all and perhaps something more sinister. They are pea sized and just under the skin iykwim.

I've bruised myself from worrying at them and massaging them but they're still there.

I'm going to the drs tomorrow for piece of mind but in the meantime, can anyone help calm me down? Do they sound like clogged ducts?

If relevant, DD has been feeding loads and loads this week as she has had a cold and tummy bug.


HolyDrinker Sun 08-Feb-15 17:33:39

Bump (oh how appropriate.)

MrsBojingles Mon 09-Feb-15 22:04:23

I've got the exact same, pea sized but tube like - so like a long pea, about 1cm above the areola. Been there for several weeks - went to the Drs today (prob should have gone sooner), she didn't think it was anything to be worried about, but she's referred me to get it checked out to be safe. How did your appointment go?

HolyDrinker Tue 10-Feb-15 21:33:31

Hi there. GP was quite satisfied that it was nothing sinister and was a blocked duct that I had caught early (hence no pain etc). She's given me antibiotics and it does seem to be shrinking. I'm to go back if it's still there next week. To be honest, she seemed more concerned about preventing mastitis than it being anything terrifying.

I also got a free lecture about weaning and how my milk no longer has nutritional benefit and I'm putting a lot of pressure on my body for no good reason. But I was so relieved I let it all slide!

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