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Ductal thrush

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Elisheva Sat 07-Feb-15 21:00:55

Does anyone know if it's okay to take a third dose of Fluconazole for ductal thrush? Have taken a single 150 dose twice - 7 days and 14 days ago and they worked but pain returning again. I can get it over the counter so wouldn't have to wait to see gp. Thanks

PragmaticWench Sun 08-Feb-15 05:06:02

It depends how old your baby is? When they're very young it's not advised as it has a long half life and can build up in their system.

It may not be but I was convinced I had ductal thrush due to horrific pain but it turned out to be posterior tongue tie causing vasospasm of my nipples. We did both have thrush (nipple, mouth, nappy etc.) but it was a symptom and not the cause, and turned out not to be ductal. Just a thought if you're finding it hasn't shifted.

halloweensquish Sun 08-Feb-15 06:01:10

Agree with Wench, thrush is not very common actually - I got treated for it but the problem was actually a bad latch that's since been rectified....Defo worth going to a bf clinic or specialist

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