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4wks old bfeeding: growth spurt, over fed, poor sucker or overtired (pacifier?)

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Ele2013 Sat 07-Feb-15 16:54:11

my dd has been eating nonstop this week as she got to four weeks (fourth day today). to be specific, she sucks on breast for some time (can be 20 min or much more or less) then falls off and immediately or few minutes later (can be even 15) desperately resumes looking for breast.. this can last four hours. when she gets on breast she sucks very strongly but not always too long, then slows down and is drowsy. if I put her down she cries, sticks out tongue, puts hands in her mouth.
While I keep feeding her as she demands in order to keep milk supply and assuming that it is a growth spurt, I am beginning to worry if I read her signs correctly. If she may be overtired (she sleeps less when constantly feeding) instead and needs calming, lulled into sleep.
is she better off with pacifier some times and how to know when? she started spitting out more (she almost didn't do it before) as she is in her eating sprint and I don't want her to gave stomach problems from overheating. Can she be overeating?
milk supply seems fine, she gains weight, grows and my breast milk even gets a bit stuck at times, which so far luckily she sucked out. can she be a poor sucker instead?
thank you very much for the advice!

FATEdestiny Sat 07-Feb-15 16:56:24

She won't be over eating. But she may well be comfort sucking.

The "Voice of MN" will recommend you just let her feed, feed, feed - up your supply and good for attachment parenting.

But there is nothing wrong with offering a dummy/pacifier for comfort sucking. All four of my children have had pacifiers, three breastfed. The baby will let you know by crying when the pacifier isn't enough and she is hungry. If she sucks on the pacifier and sleeps, then she is just comfort sucking and not hungry.

The pacifier gives you a break and helps your DD sooth herself to sleep independently of you.

Ele2013 Sat 07-Feb-15 17:56:03

Thank you very much Fatedestiny, with the pacifier did their sucking (latching) get affected at all? I read a lot that nipple confusion is a risk and am weary it can happen to us.

FATEdestiny Sat 07-Feb-15 18:03:52

No nipple confusion. My children carried on breastfeeding well.

squizita Sat 07-Feb-15 19:53:07

FWIW I heard a lot about nipple confusion but have met (online and in real life) no other mums who had this issue if they could breastfeed normally to start with.
ie if they used a dummy or bottle after 4 weeks or so it almost always seemed ok.
Based on that if I have another I will be less worried adding a pacifier or bottle after 3-4 weeks.

I tend to feed on through and dd is 4 months. But I am self proclaimed silly pfb queen. grin

YouMaySayImADreamer Sun 08-Feb-15 09:13:18

I am no expert and have been asking similar questions myself this week but that does sound more like a growth spurt to me - or does your lo seem ill or anything? My ds is four weeks tomorrow and did this last week when he had a very definate and obvious growth spurt (in hindsight) and this last couple of days which I think is because he has a little cold.

IM(limited)E (ebf ds1 for 13 mo too) they do comfort suck but it tends to be for shorter periods e.g. you put them down and they wake up without you, or have been in the carseat for a while and they want to reconnect/get some reassurance they will have a little suckle before dropping back off or waking up properly. Or sometimes my ds will have obviously finished a feed but carry on lazily suckling because he isnt quite asleep. If he was suckling on and off for hours though and refusing to go down id be more inclined to suspect he was trying to up my supply.

I used a dummy with DS1 and he spat it out when he was really hungry. Even when I missread the signals and popped his dummy in when he got grizzly he would spit it out and cry so i'd know he needed a feed, so I wouldnt worry too much there.

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