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8mo biting

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elliejjtiny Sat 07-Feb-15 16:35:55

My 8 month old baby has 2 teeth and is cutting 4 more. He's still breastfeeding lots and I want this to continue but he keeps biting me. I gently ease him off and relatch when he does this but it's happening a lot and I'm getting really sore.

ninetynineonehundred Sat 07-Feb-15 20:18:40

Have you tried something like a teething gel before he nurses so that he's not feeling so itchy?
I can sympathise. It takes a lot of courage to let them back on once they've bitten.
We use a teething gel from the states called oragel which is wonderful (it's finally giving me some sleep). It's expensive to get here though so you could try the bongela one.
Good luck

Toadsrevisited Sat 07-Feb-15 20:26:22

I read great advice somewhere - perhaps MN?- saying you should not pull them off when they bite, but instead squash them in close to you, so they let go without scraping teeth on nipple. Worked really well for me. Also would sit DS down safely if he kept biting, saying Ow and looking sad. It passed in a couple of weeks and we are happily bfing now at 13 months. Good luck

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