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18 weeks - droppibg the dream feed

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polkadotdelight Sun 01-Feb-15 22:06:00

DS is 18 weeks and weighs about 19lb. He usually has 8oz of formula 5 times a day, about 3 hourly. For the last 3 weeks he hasn't woken for a 3am feed although he does rouse and sometimes need his dummy or Ewan dream sheep on. We have been dream feeding at about 10.30pm but he only takes about 4oz. Last night we didn't and he slept through until his usual wake up time (6am) with just the usual rousing. His last feed was 6 30ish after his bath. I was telling my mum this and she thought it was too long for him to go without a feed. Is she right?

FATEdestiny Sun 01-Feb-15 22:09:43

It's fine Polka. Enjoy the sleep! smile

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