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Hunger cues

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Hedgehog1977 Sat 31-Jan-15 13:50:10

DS is 4.5 months old and breastfed. He used to lick his lips and put his fist near his mouth when he was hungry, but I've realised he doesn't do it anymore. I tend to feed him before his naps, and sometimes when he wakes up, if he's crying. So we seem to have inadvertently started a schedule, rather than on demand. Is this normal and ok? I'm worried that when we start on solids he will forget how to ask and give up feeding. Am I being silly? How do other babies signify hunger when they're bigger? If I try and get him off to sleep without feeding he cries and won't nap. I'm just worried I'm doing something wrong.

He's healthy and gaining weight (gone from 25th centile at birth to 75th just after Christmas).


squizita Sat 31-Jan-15 15:27:30

If he is gaining weight and not crying then surely he's happy with his feeds?
Feeding on demand doesn't mean it varies a lot forever. From what I understand many babies form patterns quite happily - and I'm sure no healthy baby would smile on through hunger and thirst.

My dd is fed on demand and bar growth spurts seems to have a happy "pattern" of feeds and naps- roughly the same each day.

squizita Sat 31-Jan-15 15:29:33

I always feed pre nap. I know some frown on it but tge way I see it a full tummy means a longer sleep.

More experienced mums said the worst it wpuld lead to was a beaker of milk before sleeps as a child. I can live with that! grin

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