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5.5 month old weird drinking!

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Redling Sat 31-Jan-15 13:39:34

My 5.5 DS has decided he can feed himself from bottles (he can't) and will grab them and chew the end, started sucking them really oddly right at the end, even when I'm feeding him, will only drink if sat upright on my knee facing away from me (which means I can't really tilt the bottle enough to get all the milk in the teat, and when I do he pushes it back down!) and basically now drinks like he's drinking from a sippy cup (which he can't do either yet!) he's had no solids to date. I've bought him a couple of sippy cups to play with and see how he drinks from them. I'm assuming it's just a fussy phase, wondering if anyone else has gone through it and whether the maximum flow teat would help (6+ months). The only time he drinks properly is when drowsy and night feeds. He is hungry, he just fusses with 2oz, pushes it away, whinges for more etc for about an hour, then repeat every 3-4 hours! I feed on demand so it's genuinly when he's hungry. Is it just him wanting to wean/drink himself so I should just ride it out? He's a big boy so drinks 35-40oz a day usually.

Pr1mr0se Sat 31-Jan-15 17:06:12

I experienced something similar with mine and we tried the fastest flow teat. It sounds like frustration at not getting the milk quick enough. We also started simple weaning at the same time whilst not reducing amount of milk.

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