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how did you transition from breast to formula?

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ithoughtofitfirst Sat 24-Jan-15 07:53:16

Finally had a titful (literally) of breastfeeding. At the moment I've introduced a formula last thing so say 10pm ish but breast the rest of the 24 hour period. If I drop the next feed (2am ish) I'll just be really engorged won't I? So having breastfed all night now shall I give her formula when she wakes up? So 10 hours after her last bottle?

How did/would you do it?

FlossieTreadlight Sat 24-Jan-15 07:58:20

I'm in the middle of dong this. I think the key thing is slow and steady, replacing a bf with ff every few days. If you get engorged hand express a little or gently pump just s little off. I hate this process!

FlossieTreadlight Sat 24-Jan-15 07:59:35

Sorry, meant to say that I'd bf her on waking

Eminybob Sat 24-Jan-15 08:26:17

How old is your dc? I've just replaced the bedtime feed with a bottle and I've not noticed engorgement. I think the more established bf is, the less you'll suffer from engorgement. (My DS is 6mo)

ithoughtofitfirst Sat 24-Jan-15 08:27:19

Ok thanks. She's had the new 10am feed for a week now so should replace another feed with formula say around 7pm then? Just not sure which feed to drop next.

ithoughtofitfirst Sat 24-Jan-15 08:29:25

Mine is 3mo. I was just getting to the point where I never have random let down anymore and don't squirt from the other side when feeding.

ithoughtofitfirst Sat 24-Jan-15 08:31:11


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