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8 month old cutting back on bedtime feed

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tintinenamerique Thu 22-Jan-15 08:00:09

As the title suggests. Weaning has been going well and I have now started to try to introduce a bottle for the mid-afternoon feed. He's not keen on taking very much and I don't know whether that's because he hates the bottle or just isn't that interested in that particular feed.

He's also taking less at bedtime then waking at 3 hungry (having previously slept til 5.30).

Any thoughts? Should I
- keep going with the mid-afternoon feed (maybe going back to breastfeeding so I know if he doesn't take much it's because he's just not that hungry/thirsty?)
- cut back on teatime solids, he often has an egg, some toast and a yoghurt
- change my timings (12 - lunch, 2.30/3 - milk (maybe with a biscuit), 4.30/5 - tea, 6.45 - bedtime milk)

Feeling completely confused, especially with the new addition of the bottle in our lives.


Eminybob Fri 23-Jan-15 16:35:13

Sorry no advice as this sounds similar to my DS who is 6 months. He doesn't seem to drink a lot at bedtime at all now and then wakes up hungry soon after.

I haven't given him a regular bottle up to now but tonight I'm going to try and give him formula for his last feed in the hope he'll take more that way and it'll keep him going a bit longer. The trouble is he falls asleep on the breast so I think that's why he's not having much, hopefully the bottle will get around this.

Fingers crossed - and I hope someone comes along soon with some proper advice for you smile

tintinenamerique Mon 26-Jan-15 13:42:53

Thanks for replying all the same, and how are you getting on Eminy?
I have started to give him a couple of ounces formula top up after a bedtime breastfeed, seems to keep him going for a little longer.

Eminybob Mon 26-Jan-15 19:15:17

He's getting really cross with having the bottle. He's had bottles before and been fine, but I bought some new (different brand) bottles as I only had a small 5oz one before, and he just isn't happy with it. So tonight I'm going to go back to the old one and hope that makes him happier.
But he did manage to have a bit and slept a bit better than previously.
Still a way off from that holy grail of sleeping through grin

tintinenamerique Wed 28-Jan-15 19:38:13

How is it going?
I am still doing a combined bedtime feed, a few minutes boob and 2/3 ounces formula and it seems to be working. TBH I think that his nightime sleep is governed more by what he has eaten (solids) that day, so I'm feeling a little more relaxed about this bedtime feed (going to eat my words tonight aren't I?)

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