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Formula feeding on the go- confused!

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annatha Wed 21-Jan-15 19:30:24


My DD is 11 weeks and we've just started mix feeding. I mainly BF and top up with formula but I hate BFing in public (I know I'm entitled to etc, but she's very on and off, fussy and takes her time when BFing and it's a pain when we have to set up camp in a cafe for an hour to feed her) so I'd like to use formula when we're out and about. The back of the tin says that bottles should be used within 2 hours of making them up, fair enough, but also that boiled water should be allowed to cool for no longer than 30 mins before making a feed.

So what do you do when you go out? We've used those readymade cartons a few times but I don't really want to be shelling out for them when I've got a big tin of powder sitting at home.


Heatherbell1978 Wed 21-Jan-15 20:26:14

If I know DS will be looking for a feed within the next couple of hours I'll make a bottle up with boiling water and keep it in my insulated pouch in my bag. He likes it warm so it's usually about the right temperature when he wants it. Otherwise I'll bring the ready made carton. I've also heard of people taking a flask of boiling water, a bottle of cooled water and powder and making then up with 50/50 of each water.

NickyEds Wed 21-Jan-15 20:57:44

I just used cartons but friends would take boiling water in a flask, boiled cooled water in another and powder measured out. Make the bottles up with hot water first then topped up with cooled. Just double check your powder tin though, if you aren't using it very often it does need to be used once opened. Can't remember how long it can be opened for but it may be that if you don't use a whole tin in the time cartons may actually work out cheaper??

HaroldLloyd Wed 21-Jan-15 21:00:47

I used powder at home and cartons for out because I am a lazy bint.

If your going to use within the 2 hours I would do as a pp said and make one up with the boiled water and feed when cool enough with a carton as a back up.

You can get little powder dispensers to measure out and ask for boiling water when out, poss cool it under a cold water tap.

annatha Sun 25-Jan-15 20:52:56

Thanks all, I didn't think about the powder going off, noted it in my diary. I think I will just stick with the ready made stuff when we're out all day. I can usually time trips into town around feeds so it's only really once or twice a fortnight that we'd probably be using the cartons so the cost won't really matter.

JellyTipisthebest Sun 25-Jan-15 21:47:13

I put half the water needed in the bottle and the top up with hot from a flask. Then add the powder. I am a home based carer (childminder) in NZ. I think the mum breasts feeds when out.
I think when I had mine I used to use the flask to heat the cold water up then mix with the powder.
When I first started working I couldn't find any guidance on how feed can be made here. I have just found some. I don't want to link to it as it is so different to advice in the UK. Thing are very different here.
Here you don't have sterilise after 3 months and only need to boil water if you are not on a town supply.

slippermaiden Sun 25-Jan-15 21:55:03

I used to boil kettle, cool a little, fill up bottles with water. Then for the next 12 hours I would just add the correct amount of formula and shake vigorously. It was around the time the new guidelines cane out about only making up fresh but I don't know anyone who did it, my two never had tummy upset or diarrhea, lots of good hygiene when washing bottles.

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